A Bad Taste in Mouth

A Bad Taste in MouthHave you ever considered that the taste may influence your moral perception? A recent study has found strong linkages of favorable moral judgments with a sweet taste in the mouth. The morality philosophers like Hume have previously suggested that...

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Emotional Intelligence in Sales and Marketing

Emotional Intelligence in Sales and Marketing As the conceptual understanding of emotional intelligence is increasing, the researchers are finding more and more correlations of it in various domains. A recent study examines whether the salespersons with higher...

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In the “I” of the Storm

In the "I" of the StormDid you know that there is a correlation between disaster donations and the initials of the donor names and the disaster? Believe or not: When people have a shared initial with the disaster they are likely to contribute more. To check this...

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Choosing the Right Promotional Mix

Choosing the Right Promotional MixChoosing the right promotional mix for marketing communication might be a difficult task: Whether to go old-school and emphasize advertising and personal selling or to go with the hype and ensure the maximum amount of resource on eWOM...

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Psychological Profiling

Psychological ProfilingWhat is the most critical factor in advertising? Is it the brand? The advertising budgets? The creative execution? Perhaps the media? How about the number of repetitions and strategy? None of them.Based on over 1 700 scientific studies all over...

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Does Advertising Really Work?

Does Advertising Really Work?Googling the answer to this question generates several contradicting and confusing results. However, according to Statista, over $540 billion were spent in advertising in 2018. So, imagine other sectors of the same vicinity (e.g., hotel...

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