Transparent Packaging Affects Consumer Choices

A recent study concluded that transparent packaging has a positive effect on the consumer choices. The study objects were from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) product category: cereals, chocolates, pasta and fresh fish. As all samples were fake products of made-up brands neither of the participants knew the actual taste of any product. The responses were recorded based on perception alone.

Eight questions about the expected taste, product likeability, expected quality, expected freshness, perceived innovativeness, likelihood to buy, the sturdiness of packaging and attractiveness of the design were asked about each product. All parameters were tried to be kept similar as far as possible.

The results demonstrated that the presence of a transparent window in packaging correlated with the higher expected tastiness, freshness and quality. A consistent advantage on various parameters was observed for the products with transparent packaging.

These findings strengthen the “salience” hypothesis which states that the ability to see the product directly in comparison to the product graphics makes the product more salient in the mind of the consumer resulting in better expectations.

The outcomes clearly provide a clue to the manufacturers that they should adopt transparent packaging in their products as far as possible. While it also means that the consumers need to make their choice more actively so as to not get influenced by the new marketing strategies like these.

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Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019

Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019