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Imagine yourself at work struggling with questions for which you don’t have clear answers. Imagine someone provides you with the most reliable knowledge that exists, and solutions that will always solve your problems with greater than 95% confidence. Imagine the answers are easy to understand and easy to implement. You would be excited, right? You just imagined our SCIENCE+BUSINESS advisory service. Now stop dreaming and let’s have a meeting. We’ve made growing sales and increasing profits consistent, easy and comprehensive for you!


Each of our answers was examined with scientific rigor and is therefore both unbiased and objective with >95% confidence. As a result, we can give you reliable answers so that you can make decisions confidently and wisely.


We made the scientific knowledge so easy to understand and implement that anyone can use it, even without any prior experience or knowledge of science. Imagine how much more comfortable work will be for you and your team!


We have an unmatched database of >500 000 evidence-based answers waiting for you, especially on sales and marketing. If you want to increase advertising effectiveness, optimize pricing and discounting, develop the most efficient marketing and media mixes, or define customer profiles, we have the answers ready for you!

We received [SCIENCE+BUSINESS™] knowledge, which was easy and inexpensive to apply in practice, and our sales increased by +50%, and the trend continues.”

According to our analysis, companies that apply the principles of [SCIENCE+BUSINESS™] outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.”

Example of Cooperation

How can we cooperate? If you have any questions about marketing and sales for your business, we are happy to help. The following is a model for how our SCIENCE+BUSINESS™ service will help you with new customer acquisitions and increase the average purchase value of existing customers because they represent the questions that create the most concern for business decision-makers like you.

1. Customer Profiles

First, we create psychological profiles of customers and non-customers, which will reveal valuable information about their preferences, personalities, cognitive biases, self-esteem, values etc. We will go through a number of scientific studies and find subgroup characteristics of customers and non-customers. See below examples of two identified subgroups and how to use this information in step 3:

Subgroup X: Personality (High Conscientiousness, Low Neuroticism, High Extraversion), Internal Locus of Control, High Explicit and Low Implicit Self-Esteem.

Subroup Y: Personality (Low Conscientiousness, High Neuroticism, Low Extraversion), External Locus of Control, High Explicit and High Implicit Self-Esteem.

2. Value Proposition

Defining the characteristics of each subgroup enables us to filter the most desirable value propositions for each one. However, to create the optimal value propositions, we often recommend further analyses with BRAIN+BUSINESS™ brain imaging service, designed for the identification of alternatives, which induces the most rewarding activity in customers’ brains.


Previous steps helped us learn who the customer is (and isn’t) and what the customer craves (and doesn’t). Building on this knowledge, it’s easier to determine how to communicate with them:

  • strategy (e.g., what is the most efficient way to launch your new brand?),
  • media (e.g., if social media is optimal for you, or other platforms of media like traditional TV?),
  • celebrity endorsers (e.g., should you use a musician or actor, what kind of personality?)
  • pricing strategy (e.g., how to position your product?)
  • discounts (e.g., what kind of discounts are the most effective for your customer profiles?)
  • advertising strategy (e.g., what type of TV programs will be the most effective and how many reruns should you have?)
  • advertisements (e.g., should you use images of “ordinary” or “slim” body models, should the text be assertive or not, and should you use humor or not?)
  • etc.

If you have any questions and problems that you are struggling with at work, let’s sit down and find a way to fix them.

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Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019

Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019