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The world’s largest brands and the most effective marketing machines are continually exploiting the means identified by science (psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics) to influence people’s brains and behavior in their communications. Indeed, E&Y lists the use of such information as one of the global marketing trends and the fundamental approach with which successful companies will beat their competitors. That’s why we’ve put together a unique and substantial tactical database of science-based tactics that you can use to increase your marketing effectiveness significantly. All of our tactics operate with >95% confidence, as evidenced by our customers’ experiences and the impartial research conducted by Gallup.

“We received knowledge, which was easy and inexpensive to apply in practice, and our sales increased by +50%, and the trend continues.”

Harto Kurki, Marketing Director


“Our sales increased +60% after we begun our cooperation with Steinheide”

Juha Pispa, CEO

According to our analysis, companies that apply the principles of [science] outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.


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