In the “I” of the Storm

Did you know that there is a correlation between disaster donations and the initials of the donor names and the disaster? Believe or not: When people have a shared initial with the disaster they are likely to contribute more.

To check this hypothesis the donations contribution records were checked during relief operations after major hurricanes. The Red Cross archival records for 66,000 donations were checked and hurricanes Rita, Katrina, and Mitch were found suitable to study as they had a sufficient number of recorded data. It was found that during relief operations there was an asymmetrical increase in donations from the donors who shared the same initials. The results are particularly important for the hurricane Mitch as this disaster was not even that devastating for the USA and had impacted the Carribean majorly. Still, there were a lot of donations recorded from the people of shared initials.

There were consistent results that showed that the people with shared initials contributed in large numbers than others. Probably this study provides a cue to authorities to give the disasters more familiar name to receive more resources for relief operations?

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Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019

Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019