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Naturally, every manager desires the finest employees for their organization. However, when considering statistics, the unfortunate reality is that the likelihood of successful recruitment is quite low. One of the primary reasons for recruitment failure lies within the assessment methods employed. Neither the scientific community nor everyday reasoning has identified any specific profile that can unequivocally predict recruitment success or failure. The notion of a successful profile varies across different industries, teams, and organizational cultures.

Drawing from scientific research, we have devised an analytical approach harnessed by artificial intelligence. This method tailors the recruit’s profile to be unique, mirroring the organization’s strategy, culture, personnel dynamics, and other variables influencing the probability of recruitment success.

Onnistuneempia rekrytointeja

Let's arrange a meeting

Let's go through your case in more detail and agree on the details.

We test the personnel

We start by conducting selected psychological tests approved by science for your organization's current employees.

Artificial intelligence analysis

We give the results to artificial intelligence analysis, which mirrors the profiles of successful employees in different ways to the characteristics identified by science.

We prepare the report

We will go through the results of the artificial intelligence analysis together, as well as the optimal employee profile produced as a result of the organization.

We educate

The most important thing is to put the produced knowledge into practice, so we train your people to use the knowledge in practical work.

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Download here 10 pieces of valuable advice and instructions based on scientific studies. Each of them is also dependable, with a statistical certainty exceeding 95%.