Elevate Marketing with Science



Through Science with a Confidence Level Exceeding 95%

Executing effective* advertising is difficult. It is proven by an analysis combining 488 scientific research results, according to which the effect of advertising on the growth of a company’s value is practically zero on average.

Here is your chance! Both the same and thousands of other scientific research results reveal how huge percentage numbers can be written in place of that zero. The advertising we create is always based on science and scientific research results, which is why our clients get a clear competitive advantage from advertising.

That’s why we base our advertising on tens of thousands of scientific research results. Based on this information, we can create advertising for you that increases with more than 95% certainty, for example, the memorability of the ad and the brand, improves the image produced by the ad, affects the purchase intention, and above all, increases sales, profitability and the value of the company.

* By impact, we primarily refer to a positive impact on the company’s accounting.

Let's arrange a meeting

Let's go through your needs in more detail and agree on the details.

We make a proposal

We create a proposal for you that increases the effectiveness of your advertising with more than 95% statistical certainty. We agreed on moving forward together.

We create impressive advertising

We create advertising for you that is sure to make an impact. That is why we are also ready for commission-based cooperation.



Through Science with a Confidence Level Exceeding 95%

According to more than 1,700 scientific studies (over 2,400,000 people), the customer’s psychological profile explains a whopping 53.9% of the advertising effect. If the unfathomable >1,700 scientific studies reveal that clearly more than half of the effectiveness of advertising can be explained by the customer’s psychological profile, what is the first thing a marketing professional looking for a sure impact invests his budget in? Well, of course, to find out the psychological profile.

A very simple and easy-to-implement case example: For an extroverted personality, the message was built to be active, energetic and presented in a social context, both as text and images. For an introvert, the opposite is true. As a result, the ROI increased by +86%.


We arrange a meeting

We go through your case in more detail and agree on the details.

Research candidates are being recruited

Profiling can be done by using your customer register, or without it.

We profile

We take care of the scientific psychological part, that is, we find out what kind of profiles your customer base consists of.

We are preparing the report

We combine the results of profiling with thousands of scientific research results, and based on them, we tell you what kind of life your customer base lives, how to reach them and, above all, HOW to influence them.

If necessary, we educate

The information obtained must be put into practice in order for it to be of any use. So we train your people to use profiles on a practical level.



Through Science with a Confidence Level Exceeding 95%

Advertising in its diverse forms often stands as the marketer’s most pivotal tool for influencing customers. Regrettably, science confirms the observation that anyone involved in advertising has noted: the overall impact of advertising on individuals is feeble, and this impact appears to dwindle further each year.

This prompted us to scrutinize tens of thousands of scientific research findings. From this vast pool, we meticulously extracted several thousand of the most significant ones. Grounded in this wealth of information, we are equipped to illustrate precisely how your advertising can effectively elevate, with a confidence level exceeding 95%, elements such as ad and brand memorability, the favorable perception generated by the ad, the influence on purchase intent, and most crucially, an enhancement in sales, profitability, and company value.

Tehokkaampaa markkinointia
"We received easily and cheaply usable information, after which our sales increased by +50%, and the trend is still continuing."
Marketing Director Harto Kurki, Veikon Kone Oy
"Since the cooperation with Steinheide, our sales have increased +60%"
CEO Juha Pispa, Pakkaa.fi

Send the material to us

The material can be any visual document, for example a website, advertisement, social media message, or product packaging.

We analyze it

We analyze what, according to scientific studies, in the material weakens its effectiveness, and we look for a solution that works with more than 95% certainty.

You will receive clear instructions

Within a business day, we will send science-based, practical instructions on the necessary changes, along with the reasons.



 Through Science with a Confidence Level Exceeding 95%

Imagine that you could create a brand strategy for yourself that would increase revenue through both new customers and customer loyalty (repeat purchases), increase market share, and in addition, it would also improve the rate of return on capital and earnings per share. To top it all, a brand strategy would ease your company in terms of capital risk, market risk and per share risk. And all this would work with more than 95% certainty, would be based on the research of thousands of brands and companies, as well as several decades of follow-up periods.

We refined this opportunity from a science to your use. Catch it before your competitors!


Let's arrange a meeting

Let's go through your case in more detail and agree on the details.

We build the foundation

We find out which variables in your situation affect the choice of brand strategy, and we tell you about it.

We are refining the analysis

We go through more detailed scientific research results, analyze the data we collect.

We produce the report

We build an optimal brand strategy for you based on the analyses, and review the results in a clear report with recommendations for action.

We educate

We will review the results together with your staff to ensure their implementation.