Enhanced Management through Science-Based Knowledge

Who would willingly base their career and reputation solely on beliefs, personal experiences, conventional practices, “gurus,” and unfounded assumptions? Indeed, no one. Especially when science provides assurance, dependability, and professional recognition, all backed by a statistical confidence level exceeding 95%. So, when we pledge to enhance the efficacy of your marketing with a certainty surpassing 95%, where would you choose to integrate science first?

More Effective


through Science with a Confidence Level Exceeding 95%

How is the organization managed? What leadership trends and ideologies yield long-term benefits, and which ones have detrimental effects? How can I navigate my own responsibilities, the management team, and interactions with subordinates? How can I continuously evolve as a leader?

Science has meticulously examined the intricacies of effective and ineffective leadership, encompassing inquiries concerning both the leader’s individual role and the broader organizational context. The Management training program, founded upon this wealth of knowledge, furnishes tangible and actionable solutions to the prevailing questions surrounding management. And since it’s rooted in science, these solutions are consistently accompanied by statistical certainty exceeding 95%.

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We start with the leaders themselves by building a profile using both psychological and psychophysiological tests, as well as brain imaging. This helps to understand yourself and your own behavior and well-being better.


We reflect the leader's profile to the profiles of his subordinates, and we learn to utilize scientifically approved psychological means of influence. How to communicate to subordinates and different profiles, and how not to.

Colleagues and supervisor

We reflect the individual profile to our colleagues and supervisor. How can a leader utilize his own strengths as part of a group, and when working under him.

Leadership and the brain

We make use of the latest information and know-how related to brain research by training leaders to become role models of a successful organization.

Scientific knowledge

In addition to coaching, we offer information related to dose management, which science has found to be a prerequisite for success in an operating environment just like your organization.