About Us

We stand as the superior choice for your organization’s partner in all matters concerning people—whether they’re customers, staff, or stakeholders. Our approach is firmly rooted in scientific research findings, methods, and cutting-edge technologies. This foundation ensures an outcome of unparalleled quality, surpassing the results you’re currently obtaining with over 95% certainty.

The birth of our company is rooted in a profound promise. During my university research projects where I combined science with business, I had an epiphany about how science could immensely benefit Finnish companies, especially in comparison to their international competitors.

In the business landscape, I noticed that sales, marketing, recruitment, and management heavily relied on experience, established practices, and the opinions of so-called “gurus”. However, I firmly believe that there exists a more ambitious, efficient, and secure approach to achieving exceptional results – one driven by information validated by a determined and responsible scientific community. This approach guides strategic actions that increase turnover, profitability, and company value, demonstrating how these insights can be effectively implemented across diverse organizations.

Steinheide was born from these precise observations.

Our mission is to distill science into practical, reliable tools that effortlessly integrate into your company’s operations. By adopting these scientific insights, your organization can achieve its goals with over 95% increased confidence compared to its present methods.

Imagine the ease with which you can surpass your goals and exceed expectations, elevating your professional standing and social prestige in the process! Together, let’s embark on a journey of unparalleled success and growth.


Yours faithfully,

Markus Kivikangas
CEO, Steinheide Oy

Our Team

Our company’s value proposition is based on utilizing science in various organizations and situations. Our team, which consists of experts in neuroscience, behavioral science, psychology, statistical science and artificial intelligence, technology, coaching, creative work and of course business, will help you with that.

Markus Kivikangas


Markus is a rare commercializer of science, scientific knowledge and scientific innovations, who thrives in the middle ground between science and business life. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Markus worked at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University as a researcher in research projects related to marketing and management, and later as their leader.

Jari Lipsanen


In addition to research and Behavioral Sciences, Jari’s special expertise is in psychological assessment, research methods and statistical analyses. Jari has research experience beyond the docentship at the University of Helsinki, and he is the acting president of the Finnish Psychological Association. as chairman and chairman of its test board.​

Tommi Makkonen


Tommi is a technology wizard for measuring visible and invisible human activity and a power processor of human-oriented data. Tommi has strong expertise in ideation, planning and construction of technical entities that promote science and business.

Pekka Juujärvi


Pekka is a sales and strategic level customer experience development professional. In his more than 20-year career, Pekka has been helping domestic and foreign, small and large companies to develop their sales and customer experience. It is typical for Peka that customer relationships develop into very confidential and long-term relationships, where the results are visible quickly.

Kari I. Mattila


Kari has been using scientific methods in developing organizations and supporting studios for decades. Successful projects and very good customer feedback show that Kari knows how to combine science and everyday practice in her coaching for the benefit of the customer. The longest visible benefits have already lasted more than 20 years.

Oliver Lindahl


Oliver is a commercial strategist and behavioral scientist. He has worked both as a strategy consultant in the Nordic countries and as an analytical consultant at Nielsen in England. In addition to Steinheide, Oliver is currently doing data-based brand development with DNA.​

With us, you get the entire behavioral science community on your side.​

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Are marketing, sales, HR, or management challenges becoming areas of concern for your business? At our website, you’ll find a range of ready-made services, but that’s not all. With the power of science, we can tackle other challenges too. Share your specific problem with us, and we’ll work tirelessly to provide a tailored solution just for your business. Your success is our mission!

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