Chief Marketing Officer and Disappearing Decision-making Power

In the future, a concerning scenario emerges, wherein the marketing department has transformed into a mere hub for advertising and social media expertise. However, are there tangible explanations for the lack of recognition and diminished decision-making authority?

Is responsible business worthwhile?

Is sustainability merely a trend, or does it hold the potential for profitability within the realm of business? If indeed it is profitable, then in what scenarios, under which circumstances, and through what practical strategies can this profitability be realized?

Charting the Course of Advertising

Is advertising truly effective? If so, does it yield a positive or negative return on investment? Does advertising significantly impact a company’s value growth? What crucial factors should advertisement producers and managers consider to optimize ROI?

Which choice would you make?

What actions would you take if you discovered that the success and failure of your communication can be primarily explained by one factor, surpassing all others? This factor, which accounts for up to 53.9% of your communication’s effectiveness (yielding 565% greater impact than the ad itself), is backed by tens of thousands of scientific findings and carries a statistical certainty of over 99%. Would you persist in spending resources as usual, or would you invest in this remarkable 565% more influential factor, gaining the commendations of your managers and colleagues for impressive revenue and profitability growth?