Emotional Intelligence in Sales and Marketing 

As the conceptual understanding of emotional intelligence is increasing, the researchers are finding more and more correlations of it in various domains. A recent study examines whether the salespersons with higher emotional intelligence are likely to fare much better in comparison to others. These results were found to be true even when factors related to self-reporting, cognitive ability, and domain-specific emotional intelligence were compensated.

The researchers tested hypotheses with the help of sales executives working in different domains. The first study examined the impact of emotional intelligence on sales revenue and customer retention. It was found that emotional intelligence has a positive effect on the sales revenues even when compensated for self-reporting. Next almost 200 insurance agents were examined: the study confirmed a moderate impact of emotional intelligence on business relationships, revenues and retention beyond the effect of cognitive ability and self-reporting.

The results confirm our understanding of importance of emotional and social skills: they prove to be a significant positive factor in terms of business growth.

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Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019

Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019