Can thoughts be read? Or can prosthetics be connected to the brain and controlled with thoughts? How about transferring thoughts via the internet from one brain directly to another without any sensory information between the persons? The correct answer to all is yes. It’s not science fiction; it’s science reality.

Science has already enabled things that were unthinkable not that long ago. The entire humanity, as we know it, owes its current form to science. The scientific knowledge has enabled everything from electricity to brain surgeries, from weather forecasts to space travelling, and from antibiotics to better-performing businesses. More interestingly, science has revealed why some promotions, campaigns and media strategies entice consumers, and others don’t, why some discounts actually decrease sales, why in some situation gifts outperform monetary discounts and how to create the most efficient marketing strategy. As a consequence, marketers are increasingly adding scientific knowledge to their tool kits.

In Science We Trust

Steinheide was established by scientists who saw the undeniable lack of scientific knowledge in businesses, especially in sales and marketing, and everything related to their functions. If scientific knowledge had reached these professionals, it would have helped them tremendously. Therefore, Steinheide has already stored over half a million scientific study results, analyzed thousands of scientific methods and transformed them into a simple and easy-to-implement tool for our customers. After all, science is the source of the most unbiased and reliable piece of knowledge that we have and helps us to adequately examine the world in a systematic, public and replicable way. A scientific study has to be built on previous research results and theories to form a testable prediction and gather data to test the prediction. Careful research cannot be based on tendentious motives because other scholars may reveal your intentions, poor study designs and misleading results by replicating the study. Moreover, science does not aim to create a hype, advocate any hidden or visible agendas, try to get new insights or be “creative” at the expense of systematicity. In fact, in search of the most reliable conclusion, the only way to reach the answer is to conduct experimental research with these scientific principles.

Furthermore, science needs a statistical causality (“we found out that X caused Y with xx% certainty”). While in business, the information used for decision-making is mostly correlated and often without statistical analysis, which leaves too much uncertainty for interpretation: “we found out that Y followed X, but we don’t know if it’s just random or if something else caused the Y.”

So, if you need reliable, unbiased knowledge based on previous studies and theories, regardless of what kind of problem you have, we are here to help you. Our mission and expertise are to remove any frustration from your business decisions and circumvent wrong decisions. Most of all, we want to make your life easy by providing reliable knowledge and precise answers to your questions and problems.

So should you need reliable, unbiased knowledge, based on hundreds of other prior studies and robust theories, regardless what kind of problem you are facing, we are here to help you. Our mission and expertise is to remove business desicion-makers’ frustration and vulnerability to wrong decisions, as well as make their lifes easier by providing reliable knowledge and clear answers to their questions and problems. Shortcut to

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Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019

Copyright © Steinheide Oy 2019