Who Are We?

We are a partner for the marketing management teams of companies operating in various industries. We help increase our partner companies' value using scientific methods and with service products that are based on scientific research results.

Why Science?

Science-based marketing, whether for marketing management or operational activities, enables a significant and secure growth in a company’s value. Promoting business with the help of scientific research data is one of the future megatrends highlighted by E&Y.

Why Us?

Science has a lot to offer to marketing, but unfortunately, the opportunity to take advantage of it has so far only been available to international giants. To change the situation, we help marketing decision-makers utilize the laws identified by science. Our team has combined science with strong business smarts to be able to deliver evidence-based business expertise.

Who We Are

In our company, business and marketing expertise is combined with neuroscience, behavioral, statistical (data analytics), and psychological knowledge. With a combination of these, we build our partners’ essential marketing capital to ensure significant growth for them.

Markus Kivikangas




Founder and CEO of Steinheide
While working in science, I collaborated with a lot businesses within my research projects. To my surprise, I noticed how little scientific research data and approach was utilized in companies’ marketing activities. I think that the laws identified by science, if any, should have been of interest to companies, for what is a better competitive advantage than the knowledge of how the implementation of selected marketing measures is likely to affect the value of the company? My observation was finally confirmed by the editor-in-chief of a large Finnish media group when he said that the sales-enhancing methods verified by the scientific research I had gone through earlier were in everyday use in the United States, yet completely unfamiliar in Finland. In other words, Finnish companies were already fundamentally under-represented in marketing compared to their foreign competitors. Understanding the brain’s function and the reality around it is not just an exclusive right for the academic world. It is in the interest of all of us that your company has the same information at your disposal.